DIY Laser Hair Removal: Shed Hairs but Save Cash

Previously, I wrote a small post exploring the painful but totally smooth and hairless world of epilation. For those of you who don’t already know, an epilator is essentially just a bunch of rapidly rotating tweezers. As the tweezer heads spin (there are generally between 20 and 40 tweezers on the average epilator, and a good one should have about 72 tweezers) they latch onto your unwanted body hairs, yanking them out–roots and all–which hurts just about as much as it sounds like.

So, then why would anyone do this on purpose? Well, speaking from experience, this painful process leads to a near full month of flawlessly smooth skin. Not to mention, each time you epilate, hairs grow back weaker, thinner, easier to pull out, or just not at all! There’s no doubt that epilators are highly effective, but there’s also no question that this process is uncomfortable. So, epilation may be great for hairy masochists but for the rest of us, there’s hand-held, do-it-yourelf laser hair removal.

If you’re looking to get hairless skin all over for the long-term (we’re talking years here!) without excruciating pain (and I’m guessing you are), allow me to introduce you to DIY laser hair removal.

Do-it-Yourself Laser Hair Removal

Zapping Hair for, Like, Practicality Forever

How Laser Hair Removal Works:

Just like the process at an up-scale salon, DIY laser hair removal uses a pulsating light beam to heat and ultimately damage hair follicles. This damage prevents regrowth of hairs, but does not cause irritation. Although laser DIY laser hair removal works best on fair to medium skin tones with brown or black hair, many models include settings for darker skin tones as well as blonde and red hair. When DIY laser hair removal works, you can expect multiple 3 – 6 years of hair-free living and some models purport their thorough results last a lifetime.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 4.19.01 PM.png


The skin tones shown in columns 1 – 4 get the best results from DIY laser hair removal

How to DIY Laser Hair Removal

DIY laser hair removal can be a long and involved process, but it pays of for several years at a time. Prior to using your DIY laser hair removal system it is necessary to shave away any hair growing above the follicle (if you can see it, shave it!). Sorry masochists, you can’t use your epilator this time; in order for DIY laser hair removal to be effective, a portion of the hair must remain inside the hair follicle. Those unwanted hairs actually absorb and redirect the heat pulsating from the laser, causing destruction to the entire hair follicle. Without hair present, however, heat is not properly distributed and concentrated in the follicle, causing less damage and increasing the chances of your hair eventually growing back.

Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 4.08.02 PM.png

Now that you’re silky smooth it’s time to say goodbye to those unwanted hairs because you won’t be seeing them for the next several years! Most DIY laser hair removal systems require that the light is pressed entirely against your skin such that no light escapes. The flash of light may feel warm, but won’t burn you. Simply pulsate the light along the areas where you wish to remove hair. Unless you have sensitive skin, it is alright to go over the same area multiple times.

The Best DIY Laser Hair Removal Systems:

Choosing the best DIY laser hair removal system for you depends on your skin tone, hair color, and personal preferences. These are some of my favorite DIY laser hair removal systems for beginners:

  1. Hepburn’s HPL Hair Removal Device
Hepburn’s HPL Hair Removal Device

This particular DIY laser hair removal system uses home pulsed light (as opposed to intense pulsed light) to heat and destroy hair follicles. Home pulsed light is said to be subtly gentler than intense pulsed light and is guaranteed to be a pain-free way to remove hair. I would recommend this model to women with sensitive skin. This brand also boasts that the hairless results are permanent, so clear out space in your bathroom cabinet because you’ll need to store this guy for a while!

2. Angel Kiss IPL Hair Removal System

Angel Kiss IPL Hair Removal System

Not all DIY laser hair removal systems are intended for facial use, so if you’re looking for one with this capacity I recommend the Angel Kiss IPL Hair Removal System.The cool this about this DIY laser hair removal system is that it has settings for the face and other sensitive areas.

3. Silk’n Flash & Go Hair Removal Device

Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal Device


If you need perma-smoothness fast, this may be the tool for you! This model zaps your hair gone forever in as few as 2 treatments. This is another great model for those with more sensitive skin.

Tips for Successful, Long-Lasting DIY Laser Hair Removal Results:

  • Test your laser on a small patch of skin before using it across a wide region to check for possible irritation
  • Try to avoid the darker areas of your skin, including tattoos.
  • Thicker hair responds more rapidly to DIY laser hair removal treatments.
  • Be careful to aim the laser such that no light escapes your skin.

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